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Art Status

Divider o2 by AngelicHellraiser
pixel status bar : art trades by akiicchipixel status bar : commissions by akiicchipixel status bar : requests by akiicchi
Skull Emote by Amakai411 Closed Bat Heart Bullet by AngelicHellraiser Open Bat Heart Bullet by AngelicHellraiser Friends Only Skull Emote by Amakai411
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Soul Mates by Amakai411

Commissions List

AT - Art Trade
ASC - Avatar Site Commission
C - Contests
PC - Point Commission
DTA - Draw to Adopt
G - Gift
ADT - Adopt Trade
K - Kiriban Prizes
CA - Custom Adopt
P - Prize
O - Other

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My Personal To Do List
:bulletpurple: 30 Days of the NSFW OTP Challenge
:bulletpink: Eventually Sketch all my adopted OCs
Amakai's OC Nessus by DJgumball


Please do not steal my icon or anything posted in my gallery, on my page, or even in my favorites!!! Because if there is one thing I hate most about Deviantart, it's the amount of art thieves there are. If I see it, I'll report you faster then you can say "what?". You've been warned.
Kaulitz Twins by Amakai411
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A BIT ABOUT ME~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Drawing fanatic, Anime freak, Jrock obsessed, Role play maniac, Pixel geek. Kai Uke Yutaka is my inspiration, my idol, my bias and the meaning behind my username. He is everything to me. If you insult him, you insult me and I will not hesitate to bitch you out.
I'm a shy quiet person in real life. I get hurt really easily out of my own stupidity. I often get depressed and angry. Don't hold it against me if I snap at you. Sometimes I can't help it and likely didn't mean to. Don't hold it against me if I unload my thoughts or feelings on you either. It just means I consider you a friend worth talking to.
Syn: Amakai by Rabbitafy

Featured Art of my OCs

amakai. by mybeautifulparanoiaxP: Alexie by greyopalDinky by Toy-SoulChibi Page Doll {5} by VitifoliumSO: comm / Emiko by anchor-loveRQ: Azul by MehlynaAmakai by WafflePuddingCandy: Prize by RaineSeryncommission for Amakai411 by bloopertimesCustom Adopt: Amakai: Not for sale by RaineSerynAT: Nish by lucaZombieMiki: Commission by RaineSerynPC - Amakai411 by Pluto-Uto[ Art Trade ] Bane by KitsuneRenaChan+PC+ Amakai411 1/3 by CaptainFruitloopsRequest by wafflerpselina and charles by MissRozaAmakai: Commission by RaineSerynYuki by markeuAmakai by Jaegarecomm Amakai by watashiveracasanLittle Miko by SprinkleBunnyPC :: Amakai by NeutrinoMixLadies in Blue by MageKnight[PC] Hansel by Drawn-Mario

My Icon Collection


All pixels, with a few exceptions are linked to the creators. Click them to see who made them. Some were commissioned offsite or uploaded to stash and given to me. Those have been credited in the comments when I uploaded them.

Calin By Crybabypippo by Amakai411Bouncy Yuki by Amakai411Haku Pixel by Amakai411Haku by Amakai411Miralie by Sakisotomi by Amakai411Amakai411 by Amakai411Ai By Soulkillur by Amakai411By Soulkillur by Amakai411Icon CM for Amakai411 by warriorgriffinAlfie - Katoxpinyin - Da by Amakai411Miki By Myetti by Amakai411Azul [commission] by Nini-katMiko [commission] by Nini-katYi ang [commission] by Nini-katAT: Hoshi Icon by ValyssaStar Icon - Comission by StroboticH A K U by Amakai411Haku by Slate-San by Amakai411P: Chibi Icon - BonBon by AmuchiaCandy By Cactato by Amakai411Riku by sakisotomi by Amakai411Cherri Gif by Amakai411Dinky By Devangelic by Amakai411SterlingAlix By Soulkillur by Amakai411Casper by Amakai411Nessus By Xangelfeatherx by Amakai411Darcy by Amakai411AT Momo icon by ponsuuAT Nini by ponsuuCOM: Chibi Icon - Momo by Amuchiamoises icon gift by G-Blue16icon for Amakai411 by pastel-chuuCommission - Amakai411 by AnimeAdoptsCommision: Bane by MoeKimikoCommision: Emiko by MoeKimikoKawaii Cherri! by arisaxkurenoMinnie! by arisaxkurenoAi By Prussian Chick by Amakai411Horus By Otomeyoukaitemeraire by Amakai411Nessus By Otomeyoukaitemeraire by Amakai411Ame by Sixbane by Amakai411Trade for Amakai411 by ERIcentricSerenity by Sakisatomi by Amakai411Miralie By Sprinklebunny by Amakai411Lenny By Wafflerp by Amakai4113/3 by woonietoIcon adopt #27 (Closed) by Mifune-circusChikopi By Adventbaka by Amakai411Amakai411 by princetrent.: Icon comm. Amakai411 :. by Hiikary-Adopt666Sugar Bell By Obscuriee by Amakai411Hansel By Shanaa96 by Amakai411Commission : Amakai411 by flutter-chiDemiko Icon [Commission] by XxAntiquityC:Amakai411 by NnyirToy icon by TheRiffonAssassinDinky icon by TheRiffonAssassinPC: Amakai411 by WhisperingCorridors.: Com :. Amakai411 by HiiikaryNessus by Xelectric-shock by Amakai411Kami by xElectric-Shock by Amakai411Veralyn By Kittysophie by Amakai411Cutie Pie Haru by Amakai411
Amakai 2 by rockstar-dinoCommission: Amakai411 [1/2] by lmsubscribingCommission: Amakai411 [2/2] by lmsubscribingDimitri Pixel by Amakai411


:iconlovingkaulitztwins: :iconshotacutiepatooties: :iconvk-fanatics: :iconcutie-wooties: :iconsyndroneonline: :iconkawaiishota: :iconsecret-hearts: :iconaoixkai:

I gave blood yesterday for the first time ever... 

2 deviants said I feel like shit today...
1 deviant said Talk about a miserable first experience...ugh...

Important Journals

Toy icon by TheRiffonAssassinDinky icon by TheRiffonAssassin
Commissions (OPEN): Peribuu Species added:bulletblue: I ask that you be patient with me. I generally draw fast but sometimes, due to my depression and other issues, I tend to put off art I owe people and draw my own things to get the creativity going again so I ask that you don't cancel on me.
:bulletblue: If you do purchase from me, I ask that you send the points first. 
:bulletblue: I guarantee you will get your art within a reasonable time; usually no longer then a few weeks unless something comes up for me. I'm pretty fast with artwork as I love to draw so usually within the first few days of you ordering, you'll get your artwork. 
:bulletblue: I don't do refunds. Sorry but that's just rude to me. I didn't waste my time drawing for you only for you to turn around and demand your points back. Don't do that.
:bulletblue: Please tell me specifics of what you'd like drawn such as, which character, a pose for them to be in, an expression for them to have, something you'd like them to be holding or looking
Cash Commission PricesI want to start doing commissions...I'm not the best artist here obviously but I want to start saving up to go to A-Kon next year so I need to would anyone even be interested in buying my art? Do you have any pricing suggestions? Please give me accurate & fair feedback :/
These were what I had before...but I'm not sure if the prices are fair
Solo chibi - $2-4 US dollars depending on complexity
($2 for added character/ no more then 3)Full body Solo - $5-8 US dollars depending on complexity
($3 for added character/ no more then 3) Backgrounds - add on $15 US dollars
(because I hate doing backgrounds & by adding 15, I'm hoping to discourage that from being asked for) Pixels - $4-6 US dollars per character Custom Adoptables - $6-10 US dollars depending on species & complexity (Barlume Nez & Zootlers prices NOT included. Those are separate)

My characters, their clothing, their designs, whether I made them myself or adopted them, are NOT to be replicated/recreated in any way for any reason. You can't take them and make their outfits for yourself. They're mine and belong to me. I don't want people just taking them and using them for their fancy clothing. In fact I really don't want my art being used unless you're the owner of the characters and even then, I require credit.

Don't be that person and try to steal them, use them, copy them or "change a few things" but still have it completely recognizable to the original owners design. Be creative and make your own designs. If you see something you like, use it for INSPIRATION ONLY. Don't copy every exact detail and pass it off as yours. Just fucking don't do it. You look like an ass.

I've had several people fav my work to be "used" or "copied". It's not okay. I don't appreciate it and it makes me feel really uncomfortable that they're faving them for that sort of purpose. References are one thing...but when you blatantly have a folder to copy or use people's characters or it. Google clothing or hair styles to get inspiration for outfits.

My Adoptable Rules

1) Do not claim the designs/artwork as yours.
2) Unless stated otherwise on the deviation, you cannot change the gender.
3) Don't change the overall design of the adoptable.
4) You may change minor things but not the entire outfit. Keep it recognizable. You are allowed to add onto the outfits like add designs/patterns/accessories & of course you can make new outfits for them.
5) You must credit me if you post/submit them ANYWHERE. Do NOT post them outside of DA without crediting me. If you think someone else aside from me or the owner posting them & claiming it, tell me right away.
6) Once you send me the points for your adoptable, I will send you the unmarked copy of the individual you bought.
7) Make it clear which one you're bidding/offering for & reply to the proper comment or your bid will be ignored and I will not reply to your comment.
8) Do NOT resell the adopt you have bought please. THIS INCLUDES CUSTOMS. If you decide that you don't want it anymore, PLEASE INFORM ME FIRST BEFOREHAND. There might be a possibility that I'd like to get it back. And this way I can keep track of who the new owner is.


:iconsmitetheewithapples: :iconnaturechick: :iconenamellight: :iconmako-tandesu: :iconxsecretsquirrel:


Various Links

Mostly Male Characters by PlasticKatana
:bulletpink: All About Me :bulletpink: My Adopts :bulletpink: Art for me :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Browse My Gallery :bulletpink:


Waiting on Art From...

{Rainbow Skull} Divider by xXtoxic-infectionXx{Rainbow Skull} Divider by xXtoxic-infectionXx
bloopertimes - art of Snake & Horus (my half done)
Hiccupping - Chibi of Nessus (paid)
Modeo - Off-Base Grab Bag (paid)
{Rainbow Skull} Divider by xXtoxic-infectionXx{Rainbow Skull} Divider by xXtoxic-infectionXx
:bulletpink: Waiting for Confirmation :bulletpink:

{Rainbow Skull} Divider by xXtoxic-infectionXx{Rainbow Skull} Divider by xXtoxic-infectionXx
:bulletblue: Wanting to Commission :bulletblue:
ChibiKingSama ~ Chinxinator10 ~ Picchian ~ DigitalCakez
{Rainbow Skull} Divider by xXtoxic-infectionXx{Rainbow Skull} Divider by xXtoxic-infectionXx
Humanoid Fruity Tootie by Amakai411


Don't Thank Me for the Llama by DirtyZephyrAssassinLlama Stamp by grovyle-n-wolfluvrThank you llama by YooMeI Thank Llama Givers... by atnezauLlama Stamp by Mel-RoseyLlamas by impersonalinfo

>>>> 156 <<<<


A Llama is my Visit or Thanks by Van-NessieNo dArama for thieves by prosaixGTFO beggars by prosaix


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